The Rematch!!!


UFC President Dana White promised the world that new UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and former Champ Anderson Silva would meet again. Now it’s official. Who will win??? Only time can tell, but a few things we can tell; this will be the best fight we have seen Anderson Silva in and the best we have ever seen Silva! If his performance is anything less, he will be sacrificing his entire Championship Run! Why, typically like every other fighter, especially ones that have seen massive success, they DON’T change their game! They stick to “what works”, which is actually what WORKED! This is what makes the old, old, and in order to be the champion; one must progress with the times and as anyone who has followed the UFC’s growth, knows that it went from “straight out brawls” to “sophisticated hand to hand combat” with multiple forms of martial arts. If you are stagnant, you will become old, but if you are like water, having the ability to adjust to any and every circumstance, you will not dry up, but continue on with change or LIFE as we know it!


UFC 168




UFC 168 Silva Weidman Kiss


The UFC middleweight championship changed hands for the first time in seven years when Chris Weidman upset Anderson Silva at UFC 162 on July 6. His reign does not seem to have the chance to even make a lasting impression! The UFC boss on Saturday revealed on ESPN’sSportsCenter that both Weidman and Silva have agreed to meet Dec. 28 in the headlining bout of a previously announced UFC 168 event, which takes place at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena. White further confirmed that bout agreements have already been signed.





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